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Vision Guard SV-2000 Eyes Training Device
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Eye Massager - SV 2000
Vision Training Device. It's never late to get started!

Vision Guard SV-2000 Eyes Training Device is a beneficial tool. It is also known as a training device for the eye ciliary muscles. The lens and the eye adjustment device and it is the best eye training stimulator for those suffering from eye fatigue. It is generally used for improving and maintaining normal eyesight. Benefits of SV-2000 Eyes Training Device include easy usage effectiveness, safety, reliability and lack of side effects. It complies with the strict standard of a health equipment for the eye.
Vision Guard SV-2000 Eye Training Device is applicable in - prevention of myopia in youth and intensifying of myopia; early treatment for degeneration of eyesight due to myopia and other aberration in eyes adjustment mechanisms; early auxiliary treatment for amblyopia; reduction of eyes fatigue due to over usage of the eyes; delay in development of presbyopia;fitness exercises for normal eyes.

Eye Massager - SV 2000 Eye Massager - SV 2000
Eye Massager - SV 2000 Eye Massager - SV 2000

Training Theorpy

Based on the theory of bio-feedback in natural therapy and physiological mechanism of human vision, Vision Guard SV2000 Eyesight Training Device is an apparatus that utilizes optical vision formation theory which brings a group of various spatial differentiation visual targets from far to near in continuous and regular movements, to cause the eyes to perform a systematic focusing exercise. This in turn creates a periodical changes in the refractive condition of the eyes, and provides exercise and training to the ciliary muscles scientifically, causing the eyes to improve its adjustability. Therefore, it can achieve the goals of recovery from functional myopia. prevention from development or intensification of myopia, and removal of eyes fatigue.
Eye Massager - SV 2000
Bio-feedback of natural therapy - the new concept in eyes protection. Fitness exercises are necessary to keep the body healthy; and eyes fitness exercises are most essential to keep the eyes in healthy condition. While exercises strengthen the body, eyes exercises improve adjustability of the eyes. Just as the strong body resists disease situations, the healthy eyes prevents formation of near-sightedness and eyes fatigue. Visual Grid Box is a kind of eyesight conditioner combines far viewing training, lens flexibility training, "hazy" training and eyes fitness exercise training. It is the best exercise apparatus for the eyes and massage device for the lens; and the best eyesight stimulator for amblyopic patients.
Eye Massager - SV 2000 Far Viewing Training
The pictures inside the lens of the apparatus move from far to near, and if the users concentrate on the pictures hard enought, it will relax the highly strained ciliary muscles resulting from eyes fatigue. Successive and repetitive training of this method will improve distance adjustability of the eyes.
Eye Massager - SV 2000 Lens Flexibility Training
When the pictrues inside the lens of the apparatus move repetitively from far to near, the eyes of the user undergoes a periodical focusing exercise, which stimulates the ciliary muscles attached to the lens to relax and cause the lens to change its thickness and return to its normal function in adjustability.
Eye Massager - SV 2000 "Hazy" Training
During the movement from far to near,the pictures inside the lens will change from clear to out of focus. This will stimulate the ciliary muscle to relax completely when the user tries hard to focus on the pictures, and causes the ciliary muscle to recover its flexibility.
Eye Massager - SV 2000 Eyes Fitness Exercise
When the eyes performs a periodical exercise, it will improve blood circulation to the eyes and strengthen the peripheral regulatory mechanism. This also promotes coordination between the central nervous system and the optical nerve of the eyes to broaden the scope of vision.

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