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Vision Guard SV-2000 Eyes Training Device
List Price: $600.00 USD
Our Price: $398.00 USD
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How to Use Vision Guard SV-2000 Eye Training Device
Place the eyes for treatment against the viewing window with the other eye covered by the eye shield. Turn on the power when the above position is set. When viewing, the eyes should concentrate on the moving visual targets and try hard to focus. Use the apparatus 1-2 times a day, and 5 minutes for each eye. After a period of time (about 3 days), the eyes will develop some soreness, which indicates that the treatment is getting its results because the ciliary muscles and the group of eye muscles are receiving the suitable training exercises. This is the same as the muscles will develop soreness in the beginning when we are undertaking physical training. One need to persist and Eye Massager - SV 2000
continue with the treatment program, and the soreness will disappear after a few days.

SV-2000 Eye Training Device is easy to use, highly effective, safe, and without any side-effects. If the visual grid box is changed to a set of game card, it could bring to users unlimited fun which would not diminish upon prolonged usage. Also, it is an eyesight conditioning device that qualified as a medical instrument.
SV 2000 Indication:
Eye Massager - SV 2000 Eye Massager - SV 2000
Eye Massager - SV 2000 Eye Massager - SV 2000
Eye Massager - SV 2000
  • Use only parts that comply with the standard specifications provided by the manufacturer. Light bulb, battery, power adapter, visual grid box. Failure to conform with manufacture's standards will render this warranty void and may damage the tools and affect its normal functioning.
  • Do not open the compartment lid when the apparatus is in operation. If it is necessary to change the visual grid box, press the on/off to switch off the power and wait until the light is turned off before opening the lid.
  • In case of foreign object falling inside the apparatus, turn off the power switch and take the object out immediately. Otherwise, the apparatus will not function normally.
  • The battery is low when the indicator light turns orange during operation, please change or recharge the battery immediately
  • Do not connect the adapter to the power source plug except for the purpose of recharging battery.
  • Do not use abrasive materials when cleaning the lens to avoid smearing or scratching the film that would affect the apparatus effectiveness.
  • Do not touch the film inside the visual grid box to avoid smearing or scratching the film that would affect the apparatus effectiveness.
  • The eye protection cover must be installed when using this apparatus and should only be used by the same person. It should be cleaned periodically in order to prevent eye infections and cross contamination.
  • Follow the troubleshooting procedure described in this manual when the apparatus is not functioning properly. If the problem persists, bring the apparatus to the nearest service center for servicing. Under no circumstances should the apparatus be dismantled otherwise the warranty will be void.
  • Avoid contact with any parts inside the apparatus unless specifically indicated in this manual.
  • Do not place the apparatus in hot, dusty and humid environment, or in areas that are subject to sudden temperature and humidity changes.Warning signs(!) are provided in the manual to caution users to follow the directive in order to avoid damaging the apparatus and affecting its effectiveness.

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