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Ultrasonic Massager - Body Shaper
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Ultrasonic Function
The ultrasonic massager penetrates into the subcutaneous fat about 4cm to 5cm from the skin with fine vibration work of one million times (Hz) per second to provide the same results as dieting and skin enhancement. An ultrasonic resonance up to 1MHz produces a delicate but deep massage to the skin, helps to accelerate the metabolism of skin, revives the cells in the tissues, eliminates waste from skin, and increases the skin's absorption of nutrients. The high electro-acoustical conversion efficiency allows the use of multi-functional scrubbing heads. The plane head will generate stimulating action which helps circulation and freshens the skin tissues. The massage head can be used on any part of the body to simulate acupunctural treatment.
Vibrating function - Partial diet effect
The ultrasonic waves are harmless to the body. Vibrating at the speed of one million times per second it penetrates deeply into the skin (4cm to 5cm) and activates the skin tissues through stimulation. When used in combination with cosmetic cream or oil, the fat cells will dissolve and shrink. Ultrasonic achieves the extraordinary effect of partial diet by burning the subcutaneous fat with kinetic energy using vibrations (1 million times per second). The application of ultrasonic waves can achieve the effect of local slimming. Places such as the lower abdomen, hips, thighs, calves or chin can be targeted for slimming. You will be able to see results in two months if you use the ultrasound beauty massager for only 15 minutes a day.

Heating function - Revives the elasticity of skin and removes wrinkles
Slow metabolism of the skin causes the keratin zed cells to remain on the epidermis constantly. This prevents surface cell renewal which results in coarse skin and wrinkles. The rubbing heat produced by the vibration (Continuous emission wave) penetrates deep into the skin and helps lymph and blood circulation, as well as better distribution of nutrients to the cells. Clinical experiments have indicated that ultrasonic waves could enhance he absorptive function of your skin. In effect, the skin looks healthier within 28 days of use.

Cleansing function - Whitening effect and cleansing
The promulgation of ultrasonic waves help control oxidization and the activity of melanin under the skin. Ultrasonic waves have a bleaching effect. Experiments have testified that ultrasonic waves causes melanin to pass through the blood vessels or lymphatic vessels to the kidneys where it is discharged from the body along with the urine. Use of the ultrasonic massager for only 15 minutes reduces the appearance of black spots on the skin. The cleansing effect reduces freckles, and liver spots.
Also, Ultrasonic waves can help remove acne. Excess fat and sweat secretion blocks pores and hair follicles resulting in acne. The ultrasonic beauty massager helps to remove dust and dirt from the skin and leaves clear and healthy looking skin.


"In my medical opinion, the Ultrasonic Massager is an extremely efficient and useful home-care tool, especially for seniors who may find other massage equipment intimidating or difficult to use."
- Dr. Norman Chang, Portland, Oregon

"Your machine has more uses than I can think of, I'm using it to relieve pain in different areas every time and my stiffness has really decreased, thanks to the Ultrasonic Massager..."
- Derek Lowe, Miami, Florida

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