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Swing Exerciser DS 88
[DS088 (AC)]
List Price: $120.00 USD
Our Price: $105.00 USD
You Save: 12% or $15.00 USD
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The Chi Swing Exerciser uses a smooth rocking motion to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body.
The result is an exerciser that improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, assists weight control, and promotes lymphatic drainage. This strengthens the immune system and increases the vitality of the user.
Swing Exerciser DS 88
Swing Exerciser DS 88
Swing Exerciser DS 88 Specification:
  • 20 watt of motor
  • Single Speed setting
  • 1-15 min. Time Set
  • 110V / 220V Power source
  • 6 feet long cord
  • Wired Remote Control
  • 6 feet long cord, padded footrest
  • platformON/OFF power switch
  • Molded carrying handle
Chi Device DS88 Single Speed Control Panel
Swing Exerciser DS 88
Single Speed Control Panel
The wired remote control allows the user easy access to select a suitable workout time according to his/her preferences with a built-in adjustable timer.
This allows the user to increase the workout time, or to turn it off with the flip of a switch in case of discomfort.
Swing Exerciser DS 88
DS88 (padded) Footrest Platform
The Swing Exerciser comes with a padded platform which is molded to fit comfortably.Those who have used the Swing Machine before know that the hard foot rest can become uncomfortable after extended periods of use. Upon activation of the lateral swinging movement, a soft footpad better absorbs the vibrations and reflects more energy in the rebound swing movement. This action is continuous and uninterrupted, and provides for greater comfort, and also better results for the user.
Chi Health Device
Drink a large cup of water before using it for a better effect.
Relax for about 3 minutes with feet still on the machine after workout.
Do not use it within one hour after a meal.
Those pregnant or with injuries are especially reminded not to use it without consulting a doctor first.
Aerobics Exerciser Aerobics Exerciser
Oxygen is essential for human life and is also the basic element for a healthy body. However, modern people usually have a shortage of oxygen due to insufficient exercise and air pollution.
Shortage of oxygen in the body will result in poor blood circulation, constipation, stress, muscle sores and aches, and dizziness, etc. Therefore, the basic solution for keeping healthy is to absorb more oxygen in order to revitalize cells and improve blood circulation and metabolism.The effect of increasing oxygen and keeping healthy can be achieved by using the "Health Oxygen-Supply" Swinging Machine for 10-15 minutes every day.

Chi Health Device

"I used to be a professional football player, and suffered many injuries throughout my career. From acute back pains, to stiff legs and shoulders, I was constantly having trouble in performing even the most basic of actions. But since my physiotherapist recommended the Chi Swing Exerciser to me, the recurrence of my old injuries have significantly decreased, and my body feels much stronger, and more energized. The effects of the Chi Swing machine are nothing short of extraordinary, and I highly recommend it to everyone."
- Jaime Sinclair, Manchester, England

"I am an ophthalmologist specialising in LASIK Laser Vision correction. I put my patients on the Chi Swing Exerciser before their operation to help them relax their muscles locally. I also recommend the Chi Swing Exerciser to my patients; I feel anyone can benefit from using this extraordinary machine. I think the medical profession is going to hear a lot about this machine and its benefits as time goes along."
- Alisson Moneymaker, Miami, FL

"Having tried various sorts of treatments for my arthritis ailments, I was getting extremely dejected from the lack of results. But since I started using the Chi Swing Exerciser, my knees have been getting stronger and I feel less pain in my joints. To think that relief would come from a machine so small and affordable is simply a miracle. My arthritis problems are now under control, and I can live my life more fully with the help of the Chi Health Device . This machine definitely has the ability to change people's lives."
- Nick Weathers, Los Angeles, CA

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