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Scalp Massager List Price: $32.00 USD
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Increase Blood Circulation, Relaxes Stressed Muscles, Helps Relieve Aches and Pain

Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager Feature:
Width x Length: 15.5cm x 27cm
Weight: 0.6lb / 250g
Two 1.5V AA Batteries Are Included.

The Scalp Massager is raised and lowered over your scalp, its ball-tipped wire tines stimulate the head's various acupressure points, providing an invigorating massage which relieves tension and makes the entire body tingle. tension and makes the entire body tingle. The massager's ten copper tines can be adjusted to perfectly encircle any size head, and are also effective when used to massage tense backs, necks, shoulders, and even feet. Optimal results can be obtained by rotating the copper handle in gentle circular motions, and the massager can be used equally effectively on yourself or another person.

Scalp Massager For head and Joints
  1. The Scalp Massager gently stimulates million of nerve endings on the scalp, as well as acupressure points that create a feeling of pleasant giggly goose-bumpy sensation. It is also great for other joints in your body where it will stimulate blood flow to ease pain and create relaxation.
  2. The Scalp Massager is an octopus-shaped motorized massager made mainly with pure copper. it has a handle, a motor, and series of copper legs with special tips. You can elect to turn the motor on for a stronger sensation or use it without motor for more gentle massage.
  3. First, you need to "form" it to optimal operating shape, It helps to imagine shaping the legs over a round melon, gently bending each leg in a semicircle shape. Make sure the ends of each legs line up facing down to the ground or scalp when holding it.
  4. Operation is very simple. Turn on ( or keep off) the motor. Then you or someone lowers it onto your head or joints, give it a little twist, then lift it out. Repeat the process for longer sessions.
  5. This process will ensure the ends of copper legs stimulate the area and will promote the release of endorphins, the body's own natural painkillers and relaxers. It will provide soothing pleasurable feelings while relaxing you. Some claim it eliminates headaches on the spot. The flexible legs can be formed into a "rake" for effective neck or back massagers as well.
Scalp Massager
  1. Individual with internal disorders or pregnant women should avoid using massagers.
  2. Five minute sessions give best results.Avod using massager for extended period of time.
  3. Avoid excessive bending/unbending of the legs, which can lead to the legs breaking off.

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