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Pulsetron FirFoot Warmer CR-D3000
List Price: $310.00 USD
Our Price: $258.00 USD
You Save: 16% or $52.00 USD
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Infrared Magnetic Pluse Foot Warmer
Therapeutic and Keep-fit Equipment Serving on Sole

FIT (far infrared therapy)
PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy)
PMF (permanent magnetic fields)
TMH (Turbo-Magnetic Heating)
Pulsetron (FIT+PEMF+PMF) CD-D
  • Increase bone density
  • Fitness
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved immune system
  • Dilate the blood vessels
  • Slimming
  • Detoxification
  • Good Health
  • Heating Massage
  • Improved Circulations
Pulsetron / Foot Wamer CR-D3000 Function and Use
Pulsetron CD-D Feature
1. Frequency Selection
In order to suit different patient and different diseases, there are three frequencies, 2 Hz, 25Hz and 50Hz of the treatment.Press the frequency button to adjust.
2. Temperature Adjustment
For the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment in different seasons and for curing different diseases, the Pulsetron CR-D is able to provide high, low and normal temperature ( room temperature) treatment by turning the temperature switch to the relevant scales.
Notice: Before use, press the temperature button to High 20 minutes for pre-heating.
3. Double Temperature Control
Beside the automatic temperature control of the magnetic vortex heating, there is an advanced temperature control for the foot warmer, When the temperature control switch is set on the "High Temperature", the temperature on the pedal surface starts to rise. When it reaches 60° C, the temperature drops down automatically and the temperature indicator dies out until it goes to 35° C ~ 42° C, then, it starts to go up and the indicastor light up again. By this way, the whole treatment process goes between 35° C and 60° C.(This temperature varies a little bit due the fluctuation of the environmental remperature.)
4. Digital Time Setting
The Pulsetron CR-D, a infrared foot warmer, has five digital time setting: 60 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes. The time adjustment button is on the right side of the device. and very convenient to make your choice according to the diseases and location of the discomfort to be treated.
5. Audible Warming
In order to ensure the precise treatment duration, there is an audible warming system installed in the foot warmer. Whenever the set treatment duration is finished, the audible warning system shall make an alarm to remind the patient that the time is up. At the same tiem, the digital indicator, frequency indicator and the temperature indicator all die out, while the foot warmer stops working.
6. Good Compression Resistant and Shock Resistant Performance
Owing to the reasonalbe design of the foot warmer, it is resistant to heavy load and shock. You can sit on the pedal for a treatment without damaging the structure of the foot warmer. There should be no deformation after a long service period.
7. Energy Saving
The heating element adopted by this device is made of carbon fiber, which is inorganic material with high anti-oxidation capability low thermal inertia and small resistance temperature coefficient. That is the main reason why the foot warmer is energy saving: The power consumption is less than 45 W when it is working at high temperature condition with the frequency of 50Hz; The power consumption is less than 25W when it is working at low temperature.
8. Excellent Security
The foot warmer is highly insulated with a dielectric strength higher than 4000 V. The degree of burning prevention is OL 94V-0. The load bearing capacity is 150Kg, service life of the ffot warmer is more than 10 years.
9. Reasonable and Scientific Configuration
Simulating the contour characteristics of human body, we have designed the streamlining appearance of the device was designed according to the effective teatment to palm, foot board, waist, cervical vertebra.

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