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Jade Gua Sha Board / Slide
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Gua Sha is another technique used to release muscle tension and tightness. Using a traditional specialized tool, Gua Sha Board/Gua Sha Slide, your acupuncturist will gently scrape or rub the skin over a problem area. Gua Sha feels a bit like deep massage. Gua Sha Treatment may leave some slight redness, again, it will dissipate quickly.

Jade is used for heat conditions, infection, inflammation, strained muscles. The Jade Gua Sha Board / Slide has indentation for use on fingers and hole at top for hanging,and it is comfortable to the grip and offers to the practitioner an alternative way to give the patient a complete and thorough massage.
Jade Gua Sha Board
Different Shape For You:
gua cha
How to use Jade Gua Sha Board / Slide ?
Gua sha is applied primarily on the back, neck, shoulders, buttock and limbs of the body. Advanced practitioners may also raise sha on the chest and abdomen.
To apply gua sha, first lubricate the area with oil. If you do not have gua sha oil, you can use Thousands Flower Herbal Oil ( Wan Hua Oil) or any other oil. If there are any moles, cuts or unhealed areas, cover them with your fingers. Do not apply the gua sha slide to these kinds of areas. Hold the gua sha slide at a thirty degree angle to the skin, the smooth edge will touch the skin.

Gua sha stroke areas
Rub the skin in downward strokes using moderate pressure. The person should not feel pain although it might feel uncomfortable. Stroke one area at a time, until the petechia of that surface is completely raised and all the sha is up, which is when stroking no longer increases the number of dots or changes the color. Then move to the next area.
The sha petechiae should fade in about 2-4 days. If it is very slow to fade, it indicates poor blood circulation and there may be more serious deficiency that will require additional treatments with combination of acupuncture or acupressure in specific areas.
Since gua sha moves stuck qi and blood, the person receiving gua sha will probably feel immediate changes in their condition. It is a very useful treatment for external and internal conditions and treats both acute and chronic disorders.
Gua Sha

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