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Negative Ion Machine
The effects of Negative Potential Energy on the body

Multi-Function Negative Potential Body Energizer
  1. Balance the functions of cations and anions on either sides of the cell membrane, promote metabolism and build up immunity.
  2. Increase the ratio of calcium and sodium cations in the blood, and accelerate the blood turning to weak alkaline.
  3. Negative potentials can purify the blood and promote the activation of necessary factors for the liver, thus relieving liver burden and helping the movements of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. The autonomous nervous system reaches equilibrium by absorbing anions, which in turn regulate the functions of the internal organs, the blood vessels and internal secretion systems.
  5. Negative potential can relieve pain and accelerate the wound healing process.
  6. Improve the air quality inside the room, providing better environment for resting.
Negative Ion Machine
The Principle of High Frequency Body Energizer

Human being is part of Nature. When the natural electric field is undergoing drastic changes, they will cause physiological and psychological problems in human body.

When high frequency waves are produced by advanced technology and let these waves work on the human body, the waves will spread throughout the whole body and create a balanced electric field around the body. The stable electric field can concentrate on the exterior of the

Negative Ion Machine
body, maintaining equilibrium of biological energies within the body. Moreover, the high frequency electric vibrations can permeate the body, stimulating and invigorating the cells. The fast vibrations produce warm up effects, which are of tremendous help to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. All these effects help restore health.
The effects of High Frequency Energy on the Body
Negative Ion Machine
  1. The vibrating waves produce warm-up effects, which activate cells and burn up excessive fats inside the body, rebuilding a good figure.
  2. The wave energy activates and makes younger the brain cells, slows down the aging process of various organs, and maintain full energy and vigor of youth.
  3. The fine vibrations of the wave energy produce warm-up effects The body temperature will increase by 2°C, which will help dilate peripheral blood vessels and make soother the whole body blood and oxygen circulations. These effects will greatly relieve fatigue and pain.
  4. Purify the blood and discharge toxic matters, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and relieve stress and improve the quality of sleep.
  5. The 72,000Hz fine vibrations help maintain vigorous biological energy and improve the inner power of people.
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