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Foot Reflexology Walking Mat
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If you are suffering from lack of energy and stiffness, walking on this mat will unblocks energy flows which maintain balance of health. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet. These nerve endings have interconnections through the spinal cord and brain with all areas of the body.

These are very exciting results. We know that exercise improves the health of older adults, yet many conventional exercise programs (aerobics, weight training) are difficult to do or unappealing to many elderly people.
Mat walking is simple, convenient, readily accessible, and a novel experience for all participants. In the exercise method, also called "cobblestone-mat walking", people walk barefoot on a fixed mat that has a smooth, yet undulated cobblestone-like surface. Cobblestone mat walking is rooted in traditional Chinese holistic medicine and the principles of reflexology, in that the uneven surfaces of the cobblestones stimulate and regulate "acupoints" located on the soles of the feet. Although there is considerable anecdotal evidence indicating the health benefits of cobblestone walking, (e.g., pain relief, sleep enhancement, improved physical and mental well-being), until recently no controlled studies have been undertaken to scientifically evaluate its benefits and efficacy.
Foot Reflexology Walking Mat

WS 040 Feature:
Width x Length: 60cm x 165cm
Package: 1 pc / pk
Weight: 5.3lb/ 2.4kg
Material: Velour Blanket with
Material: Plastic Massager Ball

Foot Reflexology Walking Mat

WS 042 Feature:
Width x Length: 16cm x 30.5cm/pc
Package: 6 pc / pk
Weight: 2.0lb / 1.0kg
Color: red
Material: Plastic

Foot Reflexology Walking Mat WS 043 Feature:
Width x Length: 43 cm x 33 cm /pc
Package: 6 pc / pk
Weight: 6.8lb /3.1kg
Color: green and pink
Material: Plastic
Foot Reflexology Walking Mat WS 044 Feature:
Width x Length: 50 cm x 100 cm/pc
Package: 1 pc / pk
Weight: 2 lb / 0.9 kg
Accessories: Exercise Slipper
Material: Nylon Blanket with
Material: Plastic Massager Ball
How to use FootReflexologyWalkingMat ?
  1. You can step on the shingle body-building road twice every day, you'd better take 15-20 minutes to exercise every time
  2. When using firstly, it is a normal phenomenon if you have pains in your sole of the feet, the trampling time can be adjusted according to the people's condition, or a layer of blanket can be put on the body-building road.
  3. You'd better drink a cup of warm boiled water after trampling, which can remove the waste materials from the body effectively.
  4. The exercise need great endurance, persevere in an effort, and thus you can get a good effect.
The code of health is on your feet:

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