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Eye Massger - BEM 3
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Hot-Air Therapeutic Equipment
  • Air-pressure with four states
  • Heating with two states
  • Massage with six states

Based on the theory of channel acupuncture in Chinese medicine, this product generates the micro-current of multiple frequencies by a hitech IC chip, which dredges important acupuncture points in the eye and brain, stimulates the hemangiectasis of the capillary vessel, activates the cells in the eye and brain, accelerates the microcirculation of the blood, increases the oxygen supply to the eye and brain, rapidly relaxes the nerve in the brain, relieves the pressure in the eye and improves your sleep. Continued use of the product will strengthen your memory, improve your eyesight and activate your mind.

Eye Massger - BEM 3 Eye Massger - BEM 3
Eye Massger - BEM 3 Eye Massger - BEM 3
Practical Use :
  • Students, pupils; people who suffer from myopia, amblyopia, astigmatism.
  • Professions with eye strain such as computer operators, accountants, designers and engineers.
  • Pouch, black eye ring and eye wrinkle caused by tiredness, unsmooth blood ciruclation.
  • Aged people who suffer from insomnia, headache and presbyopia.
  • Dispel visual fatigue and eye swelling caused by long periods of driving.
Heated by far infrared, BEM-III hot-air therapeutic equipment for eye adopts computer chip control technology. Through different vibration, massage and press, it can help increase oxygen and adjustive function of lenticular; recover the elasticity of cilia-muscle; improve blood circulation of eye; relax the tiredness of eye; promote metabolism and maintain healthy eyesight.
Promotes healthy eyes, and can help to cure the pseudomyopia, as well as preventing increased myopia. Meanwhile, it can prevent lengthening and distortion of optic axis.
Eye Massger - BEM 3 Air Pressing
To rub and press the eyes in all directions, rapidly release eye strain, completely relax eye fatigue, recover the contractility of muscular ciliaris, regulate the physiological flexibility of muscular ciliaris and prevent the axis oculi from stretching and distorting
Eye Massger - BEM 3 Hot Compressing
To improve and facilitate the microcirculation of the eye tissues, activate the cells in the eye, increase the oxygen supply, remove obstruction in channels and stimulate the overspreading of capillary vessels to increase the blood circulation, increase the oxygen supply to the eyes and improve eye microcirculation.
Eye Massger - BEM 3 Multi-frequency Vibration Wave
To push the eyeballs to move rhythmically in the same frequency so as to exercise the contractility of muscular ciliarisk, achieving the curative effects of curing the myopia and releasing the eyesight fatigue
Eye Massger - BEM 3 Treatment Principium
To realize the multiple interactive circulating treatment with the principal functions of air pressing, hot compress and vibration, to help increase the oxygen supply of eyes, facilitate the blood circulation, bring the eyeballs to move in the same frequency and enhance the self regulation capacity of crystalline lens with the assistance of microcomputer circuit In this way, it can improve the flexibility of muscular ciliaris to release the eye tension completely, expedite the metabolism and rapidly recover the vitality of eyes, relax the strain of the muscular ciliaris, improve the visual excitement in order to accelerate the metabolism and improve the sight soundness of eyes.
Eye Massger - BEM 3
Three Major Efficiencies
  1. To cure and prevent the myopia, effectively enhance the eyesight, prevent the axis oculi from stretching and distorting, and restrict the aggravation of myopia.
  2. To fresh the eyes and strengthen the brain, eliminate eye strain and prevent the computer oculopathy.
  3. To increase the oxygen supply to eyes, get rid of the eye bags and black eyes, reduce the wrinkles and facilitate the skin flexibility.
Eye Massger - BEM 3
  1. Persons suffering from myopia, amblyopia or astigmatism and the persons using computers for a prolonged period of time. The college, middle school and primary school students suffering from pseudomyopia, combined myopia or myopia.
  2. The persons working with computers, including computer operators, accountants, designers, teacher, engineering and technical personnel.
  3. The persons with eyebag and black eyes caused by visual fatigue and those with wrinkles caused by poor blood circulation.
Eye Massger - BEM 3
Eye Massger - BEM 3
Eye Massger - BEM 3
Eye Massger - BEM 3
Eye Massger - BEM 3
Hot-Air Therapeutic Equipment
Hi-Tech Controller
Breeze Eye Massager Box
Power Supply
4x Battery
5,10, 15 mins.
Frequency of Vibrating
40Hz ~ 100Hz
Heating Treatment
35°C ~ 45°C
25x 25 x 8 cm (LxWxH)
  1. During wearing the mainframe, comfort is prevailing when the eyepatch is on the bridge or the nose and fixing belt shall fixed in the back of head.
  2. Before use, inside of eyepatch shall keep clean.
  3. During use, you shall be relax.
  4. After use, remove the eyepatch, close your eyes for 1~3 mins.
  5. During 103 minutes after removing the eyepatch, the vision will change darkness to clearness, which is a normal phenomenon.
  6. After use, in 3 minutes, the short-distance and wearing glasses are forbidden.
  7. The ON/OFF button shall be pressed during use.

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