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Eye Massager - WEM2
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Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2
Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2
Wisdom Eye Massager takes advantage of Chinese traditional acupressure to increase blood circulation to the eyes and brain, relieve the strain and fatigue in the eyes and brain, prevent myopia, hyperopia, amblyopic, and reduce eye bags, eyestrain and wrinkles, prevent computer eye syndrome make one's work efficient, restrain blurring of image prevention and control of presbyopia astigmatism and cataract and thin dark rings around eyes by 22 magnetic fingerlike points.

Made with ultra-pure medical grade silicone, eye massager WEM-2 simulates a fingertip massager. The contact heads of the eye massager are embedded with a total of 22 highly effective therapeutic rare earth permanent magnets that match key acupuncture points around the eyes.
Therapeutic Benefits of Wisdom Eye Massager
The Wisdom Eye Massager is a sophisticated instrument which uses modern bio-magnetism theory, music therapy, therapeutic principles of long-established meridian knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine, and incorporating advanced electronics technology. It is developed for enhancing the health of your eyes. Through the interaction of pulse electro-magnetic effect and the massaging action on the various acupuncture points around the eyes, and by playing a selection of nature sound music that is harmonious with the bio-rhythm of the human body, an invigorating effect to the aural sensory nervous system in the cerebral cortex is achieved, stimulating brain neurons to release stress factors to banishing tiredness giving you a soothing and relaxing feeling. And by clearing away any obstructions in the meridian pathways in the body, circulation around the eyes can be effectively improved, hence revitalizing the optic nerve cells, eliminating eye fatigue, restoring the elasticity of the ciliary muscle thus sharpening your vision.
Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2
Eye Massager WEM2 Function:
  • Fifteen recycled massage modes
  • Rechargeable
  • Therapeutic natural music
  • Simulating fingertip massage
  • Working under AC or DC
  • Standard timing
  • Ultra-pure medical grade silicone
  • Embedded with a total of 22 highly effective therapeutic rare earth permanent magnets in contact heads
Main Efficacy of Wisdom Eye Massager
Improving Eye Function
Through using a total of 22 permanent magnet massaging contacts acting on key acupuncture points around the eyes, it may help to purge the meridian paths, clear them of any debris and obstructions, enhance blood and micro circulation around the eyes, increase tissue oxygen uptake, invigorate and revitalize the optic nerve cells, activate key body enzymes to restoring ciliary muscle pliability, thus giving you clear and sharp vision.
Invigoration of Brain Neuron
The high frequency massaging of such key brain region acupuncture points as the Temple Point and the Bamboo Clump Point while working together with the effect of nature music on 5 different types of brain chemicals (de-pigmentation hormone; noradrenolin; adrenaline; serum globulin; prolactin) helps to regulate your overall state of psychological well-being. This facilitates the release of the key 5 body chemical substances including serum globulin into the blood stream lowering hemispheric pressure, calming and relaxing you and achieving the combined result of revitalizing neuron cells and refreshing your mind.
Cosmetic Effects
The magnetic therapeutic massaging of facial acupuncture points helps to enhance the production of oxyhemoglobin, alleviating dark spots under the skin around the eyes that is caused by anemic conditions by eliminating metabolic waste products, preventing pigmentation, facilitating the contraction of aliphatic tissues around the eyes hence removing the pouch-shaped formation under the eyes, as well as making the skin naturally supple and shiny.
Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2
Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2 Eye Massager - WEM2

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