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Dual Motor Eyes Massager
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Eye Massager - BEM2
Activates the cells in the eye and brain

Dual Motor Eye Massager Dramatically eliminates eye strain and fatigue, reduces baggy eyes and wrinkles, thins dark circles and releases muscle tension around your eyes. In a few minutes, this amazing Dual Motor Magnetic Acupuncture Eye Massager delivers a targeted, soothing massage for quick relief. Your eyes and eye area will be rejuvenated, leaving you ready for the hours ahead.
Do you - or your child - become uncomfortable when reading, using a computer, or doing other near vision tasks? You may have asthenopia. That's the medical term for eyestrain. It can make near vision tasks difficult, painful, even unbearable pain and cause difficulty learning at school and in job performance. But it can usually be eliminated with the Dual Motor Magnetic Acupuncture Eye Massager.
Eye Massager - BEM2 Eye Massager - BEM2
Eye Massager - BEM2 Eye Massager - BEM2
With the development of the borderline science subject of modern biological magnetism, plenty of research and study proved that magnetic field can have great effect on human body's tissue, organic, nervous system, biological enzyme and biological magnetic fields. Magnetic field, in the form of physical energy, when applied on special acupuncture points, can activate the function of the cell, enlarge the blood capillary and raise the level of oxygen supply, improve the nutrition state of tissue of cells, and balance the self-disciplined nerves. Therefore, it results in many kinds of medical and health-care effects.

Applying the above theory, and combining the curing theory of channel acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, this product uses both the magnetic acupuncture and mechanical acupuncture generates the micro-current of multiple frequencies by a Hi-Tech IC chip which dredges important acupuncture points in the eye and brain, stimulates the hemangiectasis of the capillary vessel and activate the important acupuncture points around the eyes and harmonize the blood, increases the oxygen supply to the eye and brain, rapidly relaxes the nerve in the brain, relieves the pressure in the eye and improves your sleep, thus improving the adjustment functions of the eye muscles and the eye nerves and reaching the purpose of curing and preventing near-sightedness all kinds of eye-concerning diseases.
Eye Massager - BEM2

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