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Chi Shaker (Exerciser) - DS 89
[DS 089]
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The Chi Shaker uses a smooth rocking motion to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body. Regular use of this relaxing massager helps exercise the body, while increasing the rate of circulation of the Chi and blood in your system. This machine also aids in raising the user's vitality level and promotes better health.
The Chi Shake
Chi Swing Shaker ( Exerciser ) - DS 089 Chi Shaker Specifications:
  • 20 watt motor
  • Variable 5 speed setting:
    120 rpm; 130 rpm;
    145 rpm; 150 rpm;
    160 rpm
  • 1-15 min. Time Set
  • 110V / 220V Power source
  • 6 feet long cord
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Solid Plastic footrest platform
  • ON/OFF power switch
  • Molded carrying handle
Chi Swing Shaker ( Exerciser ) - DS 089
Control Panel
The new Chi Shaker DS 89(DC) remote control panel is extremely easy to operate. The user can set the work time (between 1~15 min) easily. There is a 2-3 second adjustment time during speed changes. Should you want to change the speed from 1 to 5 directly, the machine needs about 10 seconds to make the change. (This feature is to provide comfort for the user during speed changes). Upon expiration of the timer, the Chi Shaker DS-089(DC)will gradually slow down to a stop. This is help the user relax before the end of the workout.
Chi Shaker

DS 89 Footrest Platform
The Chi Shaker has a soft plastic footrest which has been molded to fit the user's feet comfortably.
This new footrest platform allows for a more concentrated workout, as it prevents the feet from moving around, and is able to better stimulate the user's body. This provides better Chi flow and increased vitality for the user. In addition, the molded handles attached to the machine makes it easier to transport the Chi Shaker for storage.
Chi Swing Shaker ( Exerciser ) - DS 089
The Chi Shaker machine moves your entire body, but most importantly, it moves one of the largest muscle groups in the body, your legs. This motion causes your blood to efficiently circulate throughout your body. Your blood cells absorb oxygen as toxins are removed, you improve your blood circulation and increase metabolism. It also Increases your energy and Chi flow, while toning and firming the waist in the process. The Chi Shaker helps relieve chronic back problems, recover from fatigue and revitalizes the soul. It can be used as a daily exercise substitute to help lose inches, relax aching muscles, relieve constipation, and to aid overall well-being.


"I retired from my work as a chiropodist prematurely because of severe pain, stiffness and spasms in my neck and shoulders partly brought on by the postural stresses of the work and partly from the mysterious and troublesome condition dystonia (spasmodic torticollis). A fellow therapist recommended the Chi Shaker to me. It is gradually helping my neck and shoulders to feel more comfortable, relaxed and integrated. I wish I'd known about it years ago."
- Nicola Harris, Orlando, FL

"The Chi Shaker was introduced to me by my friend from China, who brought the machine over when he visited me last year. At first, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the machine as described by my friend, but upon using the Chi Health Device for myself, I have been feeling extremely revitalized and my insomnia problems have diminished. I cannot thank my friend enough for showing me the wonders of the Chi Shaker, and I believe that every home should have one."
- Alex Ferrel, Calgary, Canada

"Having used the Chi Shaker twice daily for several weeks, the last twenty degrees of motion (abduction) in my left shoulder was restored.
As a result of a freak accident where I fell from the roof in May 1996, I fractured my spine and left shoulder. The fractures healed well, but i only regained 80% of my shoulder rotation after fourteen months. Having used the Chi Health Device twice daily for several weeks, the last twenty degrees of motion (abduction ) in my left shoulder was restored. Although I had extensive chiropractic care and acupuncture, as well as swimming and other rehabilitation work, the return of normal function in my left shoulder has only been accomplished using this fantastic little machine."
- John Lipton, Dallas, TX
Chi Swing(Exerciser) Replacement Parts
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Chi Flow Replacement Parts
Soft Pad
Plastic Board
Mother Board I
Chi Flow Replacement Parts
Mother Board II

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