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Body Massager List Price: $95.00 USD
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You Save: 28% or $27.00 USD
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Before using the product

The Magic Massager you have bought is a product you can use yourself to effortlessly massage all parts of your body. Its elbow shaped design not only enables you to reach the lower back area but also the upper and middle back areas without any difficulty.

You do not need to remove your clothing to use the Magic Massager. The vibrations can be transmitted to your body through your clothing. However, you will prefer to use the appliance directly on your skin to benefit more from the actual feel of the massage. We recommend that you do not use the Massager for longer than 5 minutes at the beginning. Slowly increase the time.

In general, do not use the appliance for longer than 15 minutes at any one time.

  • General and acupuncture‑type massage against muscular pains and tenseness
  • Multifunction massage head can be adjusted for individual needs
  • Ergonomically shaped, Ideal for self‑treatment
  • Two massage levels
  • Additional stimulation from magnets

Special Features

The motor in head design combines weight, balance and vibration strength in the Massager head for an optimum massage effect.

The swivel head which can turn up to 270 has four different areas which enable you to achieve the most varied effects.

The knobbles on both sides (1), (6) massage the muscles most agreeably and relax the muscular system.

The flat end (2) is best suited for larger areas such as thighs and abdominal muscles. It produces a pleasant vibration which rejuvenates tired muscles quickly.

An acupressure massage is possible using the spring pen (7). You may feel relief within a short time when u set the speed to low vibration (I) and press lightly on the acupressure points.

The natural magnet (3) on the opposite side is unique. The magnetic field supports the massage and increases circulation in the surrounding tissue and muscles.

1 = knobbled surface
2 = flat head
3 = natural magnet
4 = switch
5 =Massager head adjustment handle
6 = knobbled surface
7 = acupressure pen

Magnetic field therapy has long been used with success as a natural and biologically‑based method in clinics, sports institutes and other medical facilities.

The individual cells in the human body have an electrical surface voltage which serves to promote the interchange of sodium, potassium and calcium ions. This metabolic function is impaired if this voltage is missing. The action of a magnetic field visibly increases this metabolic function in the cell. An increase in the supply of oxygen can also be demonstrated at the same time.

Measurements of the cell membrane function and frequency have shown that the intensity of the cell oscillations depends on the severity of the illness.
The energy in the cell drops off and with it also the resistance strength of the membrane. If these oscillations are supplied again, as in magnetic field therapy, they support the cell in terms of energy and bring it back to the correct frequency.

Powerful Massage

Body Massager is hand-held and lightweight design. It is very easy to massage all over your tired and tense muscles with powerful massage ball. Particularly relaxing for tense neck, shoulders, pectoral, thighs and low back. Body Massager is suitable for the whole body.

Initial Application

Connect the main cable to the power supply as described in the specifications.

In order to turn the appliance on, place the sliding switch on the handle to the desired speed (I = weak vibrations, II = strong vibration). Zb turn off place it to the position "O".

The Magic Massager can be set at various angles to make it as comfortable as professional massages. To adjust the angle of the massage head, hold the handle firmly with one hand and turn the grooved ring with the other hand until you reach the angle you require.

Turn the head slowly and try not to turn the head past its limit

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