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Acupunctoscope G series
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Multiple Electronic Acupunctoscope - G6805-2

Built on the basis of traditional factory products, such as the 6805-2 Electro Acupuncture Apparatus, this redesigned, new-generation instrument is a multi-purpose device which incorporates in various aspects the features of the domestic and foreign products of the same kind.
In line with the channel theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, this health device utilizes electric pulse stimulation on acupuncture points to treat various diseases and induce both anesthetic and analgesic effects. Its clinical application in a number of hospitals and institutes has shown a marked effect on relieving and curing such diseases as sciatic neuralgia, facial paralysis, traumatic paralysis, lumbago and other peripheral neuroparalysis, cholecystitis, gallstone, schizophrenic auditory hallucination, neurotic depression, obsession, hysteria, intractable insomnia, etc.

Multiple Electronic Acupunctoscope - G6805-2
Electronic Acupunctoscope G6805-2

1. Analgia: The pulse stimulation emitted by this device excites the thick nerve fibers, inhibiting the transmission of pain sensation through the thin nerve fibres and exerting a mutual inhibition in the pain sensation centre, thus making it impossible for the user to consciously feel pain. It possesses the inhibiting function on different pain symptomscaused by various reasons as pain sensation transmits mostly through the thin nerve fibers. 1. Electric-pulse stimulation on acupuncture points for therapy, needle electrodes inducing anaesthesia, and non-traumatic therapy using soft rubber, high-magnetism and lead plate electrodes.

2. Output safety device and an alternative of high or low outputs. Either intensified outputs (1 + 2) and (3 + 4) may be used.

3. Meter indication of operating frequency, meter indication of voltage range of the battery.

4. Timer function: automatic cut-off and music at the end of therapy.

5. Point-detection: judging from the meter indication and corresponding music sounds.

6. AC/DC operatable: once AC is connected, the DC is automatically cut off.
2. Anti-inflammation: Regardless of bacterial or nonbacterial inflammation, the effects of pulse stimulation on a nerve-fluid system can promote leucocytes release, strengthen its activity, regulate immunity, improve circulation and accelerate absorption and tissue repair of the blood capillary during open wound injuries, to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
3. Anti-spasm: lschemic pain and colic pain may develop when muscle spasms in the visceral blood vessels appear. However, the pulse stimulation of the device is capable of removing both spasms and pain by way of nerve reflection.
4. Sedation: Moderate pulse stimulation through the neuroreceptors of the body surface can protect the cerebral cortex by inhibiting and sedating.
5. Regulation: Pulse stimulation on acupuncture points provides functional regulation of the cerebral cortex and subcortex vegetative nervous centre, thus causing neurofluid inhibition.

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