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Acupressure Device JT-05
[JT- 05]
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Acupressure Device JT- 05
Acupuncture without needle

It is a perfect combination of the ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern electronic technology. It directly stimulates your body pain points with 36 gol -plated, non-invasive pulse-pins, the treatment effect of trlieving pains can be reached. Without drugs or big medical bills! No need for acupuncture knowledge, just use it by our instruction. The intensity can be easily controlled.
  • Firedness
  • Nervousness
  • Revitalization
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Breast Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Insomnia
Acupressure Device JT- 05
Battery : 1x 9 Volt
Acupressure Device JT- 05 for Neck Acupressure Device JT- 05 for Back Acupressure Device JT- 05 for Waist Acupressure Device JT- 05 for Abdomen Acupressure Device JT- 05 for Joints
The Acupressure Device JT-05 is a great innovation for soothing stiffness and muscular tension. It is extremely easy to use on yourself ( with one hand only ).It is battery powered. Thanks to its stimulation of sensitive areas, it will relieve your muscular tension and enable you to rediscover a feeling of wellbeing. This stimulation also revializes and energizes your entire body.
The Acupressure Device JT-05 can follow you wherever you go. It can be used at home in the office or on vacation.
How was the Acupressure Device JT-05 designed?
The Acupressure Device JT-05 was orginally designed for Russian Cosmonauts. It let them relieve their muscular stiffness without assistance.
After many years of use in the Russian space program, a senior Russian scientist felt it essential to generalize its use by adapting the Acupressure Device JT-05 to the needs of a wider public ( more lightweight, handier and easier to use).
How Does the Acupressure Device JT-05 work?
The Acupressure Device JT-05 acts through slight electrical pulses. These pulses act on the stiffened muscles and relax them, rapidly bringing on a sense of wellbeing.
The body's stiff areas ( the back, neck legs, arms..) are softly massaged so that you recover comfort and vitality.
The Acupressure Device JT-05 on the muscles and stiff area using its 36 gold plated tips.
How do you use the Acupressure Device JT-05?
The Acupressure Device JT-05 comprises a unique mechanism, called "Bio Feedback", that resolves all application problems by automatically and precisely locating the point to be stimulated.
All the user needs to do is apply the device onto the approximate area where stiffness is felt.
Start the device and let the Acupressure Device JT-05 get down to work. it wil identity the exact point that needs stimulation all by itself and all the user has to do is set the intensity of the electronic stimulation and its duration.
Precautions for Use
Never apply the device close to wounds, sores, cuts or eruptions. Never use the device if you suffer from heart or coronary ailments or any form of thrombosis or if you are pregnant. If you have any doubt about your medical condition, seek advice from your doctor. The next pages provide a set of detailed and specific instructions on how to best use your Acupressure Device JT-05.

Note: Always keep the unit out of reach by children.

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