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6 second ABS Program List Price: $68.95 USD
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6 Second ABS Program 6 Second ABS Program
On beginning the 6 second Abs Program!

The 6 second Abs Program is an integrated program combining the 6 Second Abs, the Quick Start Diet and exercise that is designed to give you flat, sexy abs in less time then you've ever imagined . The philosophy behind the program is to give you faster, better results with less work, by combining cutting-edge fitness science with solid nutrition and exercise fundamentals. You don't have to spend hours in the gym or do hundreds of crunches on the floor to get the great, sexy abs you want.
6 Second ABS Program
Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Our 30-day, money back guarantee lets you try 6 Second Abs risk free.
Your complete kit includes:
6 Second ABS Program
6 Second Abs Gives You the Perfect Crunch, Every Time.
The 6 second Abs gives you better results with fewer crunches by combining three essential elements:perfect form, perfect tempo and the right resistance for your individual fitness level. Because of these factors, 6 Second Abs gives you a crunch that takes just six seconds to complete, but is up to 15 times more effective than a conventional stomach crunch done on the floor. That means you can get more results in less time. What's more, you can even do 6 Second Abs in a chair while watching TV.
The 6 Second Abs "Rock Hard Abs" video contains three ab workouts:the basic workout, the intermediate, and the advanced. Each ab work is designed to take only four minutes and to effectively work all of your abdominal muscles: upper abs, lower abs and side obliques.
Each four- minute ab workout consists of just four sets of ten crunches.
although 40 crunches may not sound like much, remember that these are highly effective crunches. Depending upon the resistance level, these can be equivalent to 600 traditional crunches.
How to use 6 Second ABS Program?
The Right Form
Using 6 Second Abs is easy. First, get in a sitting position, preferably on a firm chair without arm rests. Next Pleace the 6 Second Abs upright with its base resting on your thighs, and the logo facing away from you. Grasp the handles so that your palms are facing toward you. Now lock your arms into your sides so that your arms are not moving during the exercise.
From this position, contract your abdominal muscles. Your shoulder should crunch straight down towards your hips. As you crunch, you'll hear 6 Second Abs click three times..1 click, 2 click, then the 3 click. It is very important should not be "learning
6 Second ABS Program
forward"if you do this improperly, the unit will not completely flex down to the third click. For example, if you just lean forward (bend at the waist), you are not flexing you abs. The only way to get to the third click is to crunch your abs. This is how 6 Second Abs teaches you how to do a corect abdominal crunch so that you will be getting the most our of your workouts.
Remember, make sure to keep your arms locked by your side so that your abdominal muscles are doing all of the work. As you crunch, you should feel your lower back arch ourward slightly, and your pelvis tilting up. This is the way it feels to do a proper crunch. Also , be sure not to let your chin drop- just continue to face forward naturally.
The Right Form
Each 6 Second Abs crunch moves three clicks down and three click up. Each click should be a one-second interval, hence the name 6 Second Abs. This pace is critical. Research has shown that when you train at a steady pace, both in the contraction phase and in the release phase, you will engage more muscle fibers. This is particularly important on the release phase. Most people drop back down to the floor when doing a crunch, getting only half the benefit. However, if you slowly release, then you are benefitting throughout the entire crunch, which means each crunch is more effective and you don't have to do as many.
The Right Resistance
Each 6 Second Abs is designed to benefit people of virtually all fitness levels. 6 Second Abscomes standard with five levels of resistance ranging from approximately 15 to 55 pounds of resistance. Whether you're just starting out and have never done a crunch before, or you're a professional athlete, 6 Second Abs can give you a great abdominal workout.Before you begin using6 Second Abs, you will need to choose the resistance level that's right for you.
The 6 to 10 Rule
Each set of crunches in the video consists of ten repetition. You'll know your've found the ideal resistance when you can do between six and ten of the repetitions, and around the sixth to eighth repetition it becomes more and more difficult for you to get to the third click. if you can do all ten repetitions in a set and it does not feel difficult. then you need to increase resistance. If you cannot perform at least six repetitions in a set and get to the third click, then you need to decrease the resistance.

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